The Italian media sweetened its tone towards the Romanian community in Italy considerably on Thursday following the meeting of PM Romano Prodi with his Romanian counterpart Calin Popescu Tariceanu a day before.

Most of the publications note Prodi’s declarations urging its people not to confuse delinquents with honest and hardworking people, as the majority of Romanian migrants prove to be.

La Repubblica notes Prodi’s declarations saying that Romanians are a friendly people and violence does not have any nationality.

The Italian press also reads that Romanian police forces will join their Italian counterparts in an attempt to deal with the Gypsy community. Romano Prodi is quoted as stating that together with the Romanian PM Tariceanu he sent an open letter to EU officials urging them to get actively involved in the issue.

Corriere de la Sera writes about Prodi’s letter adding that the two countries involved in the issue want the European Union to propose a solution that will be relevant for the whole Union.

The newspaper adds that the meeting between the two high officials led to several practical measures that are meant to deal with the issue.

La Stampa quotes Prodi inviting its co-nationals to treat honest Romanians with solidarity and understanding, as they are trying to built up a new, better future.