United States Ambassador to Bucharest Nicholas Taubman and Romanian Prosecutor General Laura Codruta Kovesi met on Wednesday to talk about recent changes brought by the Parliament to the Penal Procedure Code and the Penal Code of Romania and their impact on high profile graft inquiries.

Taubman invited Kovesi for talks to voice his concern about threats to prosecutors' independence and the fight against corruption in Romania.

Taubman reiterated the opinions of several international institutions about the new amendments to the Penal Code, viewed as hindering the already achieved progress in the reform of Romanian judiciary.

He added that techniques employed during recent graft investigations against high profile personalities, which have prompted tensions between the government and the prosecutors, were very much similar to the ones used in Europe and USA.

US Ambassador made it very clear that the US supported the progress Romania has made so far by offering prosecutors training sessions in the field of modern investigation techniques, equipment and other cooperation programs.