Prime Minister Calin Popescu Tariceanu left to Rome on Wednesday morning in order to find solutions, along with the Italian Government, for the ongoing crisis. The visit comes during the peak of hostility of Italians against Romanian immigrants, caused by the death of an Italian woman last week. I*n the crime, the main suspect is a Roma immigrant of Romanian origin.

Tariceanu declared in an interview for ANSA that the goals are to "limit the amount of crimes" committed by Romanians in Italy, but also to protect the fair workers from xenophobic acts.

Tariceanu will present PM Romano Prodi the plan of actions put up by the Romanian government this week, designed solve the ongoing crisis and managing the situation created by applying the expelling decree approved by the Italian Government.

PM Tariceanu will also demand the Italian authorities to put up a plan for the social integration of unemployed Romanian immigrants and to clarify -according to EU regulations - the rights of the Romanian citizens about to be expelled from Italy.

Common measures to prevent and fight crimes committed by Romanians are also expected to take shape during the meeting between Tariceanu and Prodi. Tariceanu will also meet Rome mayor Walter Veltroni, known for his anti-Romania attitude, and representatives of the Romanian community.

The European Commission didn't criticise the new Italian legislation on expelling.