The number of Romanian immigrants arrested in Italy grows each day, at the same pace with the national hatred against Romanians. Each case gains wide publishing space, even though it's about minor incidents , xenophobic attacks, police raids or more or less grounded accusations. Not even the children are safe from discrimination.

- In Turin, an Italian opened fire shooting a Romanian's car because he had a six-years old conflict with him, La Stampa informs.

- Authorities in Milan and Verona demolished on Tuesday several barracks improvised by Roma immigrants of Romanian origin. Milan deputy mayor Ricardo De Corato said that some of the barracks were already abandoned when the demolition began.

- AFP quotes Roma immigrants who say they fear racist violence and expelling. "Today is the first day I dare to go shopping for food", said Gina, a nurse in a kindergarten of a camp hosting some 700 Roma ethnics from Serbia, Bosnia and Romania.

- In Rome, nine Romanians were arrested for blackmail and electricity theft.

- Four Romanians were arrested for stealing copper worth some tens of thousands of euros. Other two are arrested for stealing copper wires in Rimini,

- La Stampa, in its Tuesday edition: "An invasion: almost none of the citizens of this nation was seen before 2004. Now they are almost a million". "The crime rate decreases in Romania: are we wondering? It just a proof that Romanians emptied their jails and encourage their worst citizens to come to Italy. Absurd supposition? Not at all."

- In Rome, a Romanian is arrested after trying to steal a wallet from a policeman dressed in civilian clothes.

- Two Romanians were arrested in Ancona, suspect of forging and trafficking documents, after two Albanians with Romanian passports were found in their car.