Italian authorities prepare the expelling of the first Romanian citizens considered as a posing a threat to the national security, daily La Repubblica informs.

Local authorities in the regions of Rome, Milan, Naples, Turin and Florence begun putting up lists of immigrants who may be expelled, numbers growing to some 5,000 persons, mostly Romanians. The decree allowing to expel EU citizens comes into force Friday night, at midnight. Starting on Saturday, expelling will begin, some 100 Romanian being expected as first wave.

Romanian authorities expressed their conviction that the measures will not lead to restraining Romanian citizens' right to free circulation and legal trips on Italian soil.

According to the Italian media, officials expect the law to be published, so that they know the legal means to expel immigrants. The expelling decrees signed by governors can't be challenged in Court.

Although the first to be expelled will be those who pose threats, La Repubblica mentions that all foreigners, citizens of the EU, of legal age, and who lived in Italy for less than 10 years may be expelled.

Italian Justice Minister also takes into account transferring to Romanian jails some 100 Romanian convicted in Italy who are currently incarcerated in the peninsula.