The Italian Police interrogated on Friday the Romanian accused of raping and killing a woman in a Rome suburb on Wednesday, the ANSA news agency, while the Italian media speculates on the involvement of a second aggressor in the crime.

Police have announced that Nicolae Romulus Mailat is kept in isolation in a penitentiary in Rome, after several other convicts threatened to kill him as retaliation. Mailat maintained his first statements, claiming he only stole the woman's purse.

According to the investigators, Mailat forced 47-year old Giovanna Reggiani to follow him to his barrack, where he bit her and raped her. The woman died on Thursday evening.

The Italian authorities torn down the improvised camp where Mailat and other gypsies lived and raided several other similar camps, one of which was evicted.

ANSA also announced that Police discovered 30 kilograms of hashish and marijuana, as well as ammunition in another gypsy camp in Altamura (South-Eastern Italy), in the Bari region.