Steel mogul Lakshmi Mittal met on Wednesday union leaders from the Galati steel plant, telling them he may move his investment, NewsIn informs. Mittal discussed the general international policy of the company, also approaching the issue of the investments made in Galati.

In this context, answering a question about the difference of mentality between workers in other countries and those in Galati, Mittal said: "In case they don't change their mentality, I take my toys and leave".

HotNews contacted Metarom Galati president, Constantinescu Ghiocel, who participated in the discussions with the Indian businessman. Ghiocel explained that Mittal didn't make the mentality change a condition, on the contrary, he had a positive speech "referring to premises for new investments".

Constantinescu Ghiocel mentioned that Mittal recommended the Romanian side to begin the union actions with negotiations, not directly with radical manifestations.