Romania needs a list of priorities for the future measures referring to salaries and pensions' growth and tax level decrease, said Central Bank Governor Mugur Isarescu on Thursday, during a workshop on financial markets.

According to the official, the economic growth may continue only in case "wise policies" are adopted.

Isarescu demanded some moderation in the growth of salaries. "Neven Mates said it in 2005, but he wasn't listened to: you can't have two waves of salary growth per year and still keep the inflation rate under 10%", said Isarescu.

"Stop pulling from the economy from all sides", Isarescu added, referring to pressures for the growth of salaries and pensions, at the same time with keeping prices at the same level.

Isarescu appeals to maintaining a low fiscal deficit. "It is no longer a time for fiscal relaxation. Until the productivity growth covers the gaps, we must hold our horses" , he said.