The improvised camp where the Roma immigrants lived in Rome’s suburbs, on the bank of Tibrus, was fully „cleaned up” by the Italian Police on Thursday morning.

Italian officers took into custody Emilia, the women who denounced Nicolae Romulus Mailat.

The woman lived in the same camp and, after she saw Mailat throwing the body in a ditch, stopped a bus and contributed to the arrest. Mailat was still covered in the victim’s blood when the Police arrived.

According to data provided by the Romanian Police, published by TG5, 24-year old Mailat was sentenced to three years in jail in Romania for theft in 2006, but served only one year.

The self-proclaimed of worldwide gypsies, Florin Cioaba, declared for the Realitatea TV station that „it’s an unfortunate incident, more to be regretted as it happened in Italy”. Cioaba announced that he will meet leaders of the Roma community to discuss the incident.