Raped, dying, thrown on the bottom of a ditch near the Rome's suburb of Tor di Quinto - this was Giovanna Reggiani, a 47-year old Italian woman, deceased today after an aggression committed by a 24-year old Roma ethnic of Romanian origin, who lived in an improvised camp near Tiber.

Another Roma ethnic from the same camp saw Romulus Mailat ditching the body and called the Police.

Rome Mayor Walter Veltroni improvised a press conference, pointing at the fact that before Romania's accession to the EU Rome was one of the safest cities in Europe. He also quoted other cases in which Romanian citizens were involved.

"These are not immigrants who came here to live, but a type who have the crime as main characteristic. I can't help mentioning that, when 75% of all the people arrested come from the same country, there is a problem", said Veltroni.

Romanian PM Tariceanu had a phone conversation with Italian PM Romano Prodi. According to AFP, Prodi asked Tariceanu for immediate coordinated actions against crime. Prodi also announced that policies in favor of expelling EU citizens who committed crimes on Italian soil will harden.

Tariceanu decided to send to Rome a team of experts to support the actions of Italian authorities against crimes committed by Romanian citizens.