Ukraine president Viktor Yushchenko met Romania president Traian Basescu on Tuesday. After almost three hours of discussions, Basescu declared that almost all problems between the two countries were addressed to, with "diagnostics being established for all problems, as well the ways to solve it".

On his turn, Yushchenko declared that he intends to improve the mutual relationship between the countries and to solve all the "inherited" problems.

Yushchenko's visit comes in a time when the Serpents' Island, the visas and the

Bistroe Canal are stirring intense controversies.

After the meeting, Viktor Yushchenko declared that Bistroe is a sovereign territory of Ukraine, where Ukrainian authorities may involve in any activities they decide to, and not a topic for negotiations, but promised to respect the international environmental conventions.

The turning of Bistroe into a deep navigation canal stirred controversy, the main problem being the fact that it may heavily affect the Danube Delta, a major reservation of flora and fauna.

President Basescu added that the Transdniester problem was also discussed, along with issues like the national minorities in Ukraine and the Bistroe Canal, expressing the commitment to support Ukraine's accession to the European structures.

Yushchenko will also meet the speakers of the two Parliamentarian chambers and the Orthodox Patriarch, Daniel.