Romania Justice Minister Tudor Chiuariu urged President Traian Basescu last weekend to dismiss a key anti-graft prosecutor, Doru Tulus, a press release remitted to shows.

As head of a whole section of the National Anti-corruption Department (DNA), Tulus has had a key role in instrumenting high-profile corruption cases, some of which targeted members of the Government.

In his request, Justice Minister Chiuariu outlines the main deficiencies found after a thorough control of the anti-graft department. Thus, Chiuariu claims that the shortcomings found at the DNA totally compromises the institution’s credibility and the fight against corruption.

Chiuariu had said last week that he would urge the President to revoke Doru Tulus from his function.

The main accusations Chiuariu emphasizes are that policemen working in cases can sign and release any document in the absence of the anti-graft prosecutor, the independence of the prosecutor in the case is optional and that legal procedures are not respected in many instances.

Moreover, Chiuariu claims that some files containing important names are delayed with no reason. He adds that anti-graft prosecutors fail to maintain the needed secrecy when setting up a file.

Chiuariu has been at loggerheads with the DNA since his very installation in office this spring, launching fierce attacks on prosecutors who've been involved in high-profile corruption cases.