Bulgaria's center-right opposition party led by Sofia Mayor Boiko Borisov got the best results in the first round of local elections on Sunday. According to Novinite, Borisov got 50.57% of the votes in the municipal elections after 11% of the ballots were counted.

Second in line is the Conservative candidate Martin Zaimov with 18.87%, closely followed by the Socialist Brigo Asparuhov with 16.01%.

Thus, Borisov maintains its mayoral seat which he's been holding since 2005.

In Plovdiv, the second biggest Bulgaria city the center right party will rule in coalition with the moderate nationalists.

Some 7 million Bulgarians were summoned to vote for the future local officials on Sunday. This year, 45,000 candidates were competing for 5,232 places of municipal counselors and 14,000 candidates competing for 3,213 mayoral seats.