Great Romania Party tabled a law draft that includes one thousand euros bonuses for Hungarian ethnics in Romania who want to emigrate to Hungary "for good" "because they do not recognize the Great Union of December 1, 1918", the NewsIn news agency informs.

Great Romania Senator Gheorghe Funar declared on Friday that the bonus will be available only for those who leave irrevocably, and that trip expenses will be supported by the national budget.

The well-known far-right extremist also expressed his own desire - to see all Hungarians who own an "Hungarian ID card" leaving Romania. The information was instantly broadcast by international news agencies.

The law draft also includes compensation paid by the Romanian state for apartments or terrain left behind by potential emigrants. The citizens who wish the incentives can apply only once, within the term established by the law.

France Presse quoted Funar's statement, commenting that it comes quickly after the Hungarian minority's party became extremely radical, pleading for the autonomy of the counties where the Hungarian population constitutes a majority.