Starting at 8:00h on Friday morning, anti-government demonstrants blocked the Erzsebet bridge, the main route connecting the two sides of the city, Buda and Pesta. Some 300 participants blocked the traffic during the rush hour, circulation being blocked until around 11:00h, when the Police managed to form a corridor.

Other supporters of the move anti-prime minister Gyurcsany participated in the demonstration, blocking the engines while the Police were trying to free the road.

The cars that were blocked on purpose were lifted, after the drivers were detained and searched. Demonstrants also tried to maintain the road block by cutting the tires of Police vehicles in the area.

At 9:00, the Police intervened in force, arresting some of the participants in the demonstration. The rest fled and regrouped downtown, near the Astoria hotel.

The subway stations received anonymous bomb threats and were soon shut.

After 13:00h, the demonstrants regrouped back on the Erzsebet. Hungarian public TV station, MTV1, informed that several dozens of demonstrants were arrested.