According to the governmental orders establishing the calendar of the 2007 elections for the European Parliament, the campaign begins 30 days before the elections day - scheduled for November 25 - and end on Saturday, November 24, one day before the elections.

The campaign for the EP elections will take place at the same time with the campaign on the uninominal vote referendum, scheduled for the same date.

The presidential decree calling for a referendum on the uninominal vote was published on Wednesday, despite the prime minister’s announce that the cabinet will assume responsibility in front of the Parliament, for the Uninominal Vote Law, thus rendering the referendum useless.

Most parties already prepared their slogans and campaign posters. According to the Realitatea TV station, most parties chose an European message, while some count on their preeminent figures.

The only party without a slogan is the Democrat Party, currently leading in all polls.

Unlike the case of previous elections, the Government decided to forbid the publishing of polls with electoral content by any media, including exit polls during the elections day.