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Romania football legend Nicolae Dobrin dies aged 60

Vineri, 26 octombrie 2007, 0:00

Former football glory Nicolae Dobrin died on Friday morning at the Pitesti County Hospital. Dobrin was hospitalized in intensive care on Thursday, in critical condition, after complications caused by the drug treatment.
The death was recorded at 07:20h. Doctors say that Dobrin was suffering from general metastasis. In spring, Dobrin suffered a surgical intervention for a lung tumor removal.

Dobrin won two national titles in 1972 and 1979 with his team, FC Arges and helped Romania qualify to the World Championship in Mexico (1970), where he was unable to play any game.

After a play against Real Madrid, the owner of the Spanish team Santiago Bernabeu demanded the Communist authorities to transfer Dobrin, but was firmly refused.

In times when Communist leaders established the results of the interior championship, ministers and Ceausescu's relatives supporting several teams, Dobrin refused to transfer to any of the "favorites" and remained in his home town, Pitesti.

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