Kazakh company KazMunayGaz plans to borrow about 3 billion dollars to finance its acquisition of a 75% stake in Romanian company Rompetrol as announced earlier this year, sources in the industry told Russian news agency Interfax, quoted by Thomson Financial.

Sources say that ABN AMRO, Credite Suisse and Caylon were mandated to negotiate the credit.

KazMunayGaz has announced that it would take over 75% of the Romanian company Rompetrol from one of the richest Romanian businessmen, Dinu Patriciu.

Even if the sum of the transaction was not made public, the costs are estimated at about 2.7 billion dollars considering that the value of the whole Rompetrol group amounts to 3.6 billion dollars.

Dinu Patriciu said that he received some of the money but that he would receive the rest when European Commission approves the transaction.