Snack Attack said on Tuesday that none of its products contains genetically modified organisms and all the certificates from their providers could prove this.

The producer said that Greenpeace wrongfully accused the company when it claimed earlier this week that GMO-based bread provided by Snack Attack was sold without proper labelling by Carrefour Romania.

Greenpeace representatives however advise Snack Attack to revise their list of providers.

Meanwhile, Romania state inspectors are assessing the evidence they took from the company. However, they cannot proceed until they receive an official complaint from Greenpeace.

Snack Attack’s reactions come after Greenpeace members protested in front of Carrefour to determine the retailer to withdraw Snack Attack’s products from the shelves.

The providers used by Snack Attack are Puratos and Cargill companies and their certificates assure that the products they use are GMO free.

Currently, Snack Attack says its representatives work closely with government representatives to clarify the situation as quickly as possible.