Romanian President Traian Basescu signed on Tuesday a decree calling for a referendum on the introduction of uninominal voting in Romania. The referendum will take place the day Romanians are called to vote for the first time their representatives in the European Parliament on November 25 this year.

Basescu made the decision despite the Government said it would assume responsibility for legislation in this regard. The Government was expected to do so on Wednesday, October 24, as it had been announced on Monday.

Basescu had given the Parliament until Monday October 22 to pass a law introducing an uninominal voting system in Romania. Despite last-minute attempts to pass the necessary procedures, Legislators failed to comply with the deadline.

The presidential decree contains the question: Do you agree that the next time elections are heald deputies and senators should elected within uninominal constituencies, with two running ballots?

Basescu argued that the referendum should be taken seriously by the Parliament, since it represents the 'will of the people' as stated in the Romanian Constitution.

As of Tuesday, PM Tariceanu and President Basescu will find themselves in an open conflict as Tariceanu agreed to assume the law accepted in the Parliament - proposing a mixed system, while Basescu is introducing a pure uninominal system through the referendum.

In arguing in favor of the referendum, President Basescu said on Tuesday evening that Romania's political class needed to fully reform as it is outpaced by the needs and wit of the Romanian people.