Romanian Farmers organized a protest in from of the Agriculture Ministry in Bucharest on Tuesday. Armed with a coffin, burial bells and lots of manure, farming union members ask for subsidies for those farms where one of two cows are bred. Currently, subsidies are given for farmers owning at least three cows.

Agriculture Ministry representatives argue that subsidies are given according to national and European laws.

Farmers told that they will ask for the minister’s resignation due to his incapacity to organize talks with the protesters.

Farmers request subsidies for farms holding at least two animals because 93.12% of the farmers are in this situation. Likewise, they argue for an increased efficiency of the system when paying the money.

The European Commission warned Romania last week with the activation of the safeguarding clause if Agriculture officials cannot succeed in correcting the deficiencies in the farming payments system. Thus, Romania could lose 25% of the total subsidies allocated for the Agriculture sector.