Romania’s capital Bucharest is in the spotlight of the Austrian press for its huge household acquisition costs. The buyers need to pay for a centrally located house nearly 880,000 dollars, Die Presse reads, quoted by Romanian monitoring agency Rador. This means that Bucharest houses are by far more expensive than those on the French Riviera.

According to a list of 51 European countries set by the Real Estate Company Coldwell Banker, Bucharest ranks 26 before cities like Marseilles or Nice.

While in Marseilles one can get a 200 sq meter house at around 547,000 dollars and at 563,000 dollars in Nice, in Bucharest the costs for a similar house amount to 607,000 dollars.

Centrally located houses in Bucharest have fluctuating prices, from 770,000 to 880,000 dollars. In the northern part of the capital city, the same house can be bought at around 517.000 dollars.

Cheaper than Bucharest, Warsaw offers houses at a medium cost of 479,000 dollars while Istanbul provides homes for 418,000 dollars.

In the north-western Romanian city Cluj, a house exceeds 620,000 dollars - far more than many other European cities.