American singer Beyonce delivered an impressive concert in the north-western Romanian city of Cluj on a rainy night on Monday. Over 10,000 Romanian fans faced heavy pours and thick mud to see the singer perform for the first time in Romania the hits that made her worldwide famous.

Traffic jams, heavy rain and the muddy streets nearly postponed the concert. However, because people came at the concert despite the weather, organizers changed their mind.

During the 50 minutes show, Beyonce changed three outfits, all golden like while singing and dancing like a diva, as fans described. As the concert ended and people queued out of the venue, most said they did not regret a minute of facing heavy rain to witness Beyonce live in their home country.

But while the music was an all-out hit, the appearance of the singer left many a critic: "She's more fat than on TV", one said.