Carrefour Romania withdrawn from its shelves all Snack Attacks products on Monday, reasoning that its bread contains genetically modified soy bread. The action comes after Greenpeace protesters argued with proof that the white bread does not contain any GMO labelling for consumers.

The bread was provided by Snack Attack, a well known fast food chain.

State authorities were taken aback by the decision but said that they would meet with both Greenpeace officials and Snack Attack representatives on Tuesday to analyze the situation.

Greenpeace argues that the bread exceeds the legal level of 0.9% of allowed GMOs.

Carrefour’s Marketing Manager Andreea Mihai admitted for Cotidianul that they did not even check the information before withdrawing the bread.

Also on Monday, Carrefour decided to withdraw all Snack Attack products even if Greenpeace attacked only its white bread product.

Andreea Mihai told that the decision is meant to protect the consumer. Moreover, she added that the products will be back on the market once state authorities rule so.

Anti-GMOs campaign coordinator of the National Federation of Ecological Agriculture, Dan Craioveanu says that the costs for determining the level of GMOs in a product are often very high and the procedure complex.