Over 500 persons sworn to enter in the Hungarian Guard, a paramilitary guard in favor of the Jobbik party on Sunday. The Guard was created on August 2007 with 56 members.

Even though at its creation leaders estimated that, by the end of the year the Guard’s members will amount to about 2000, the radical reaction of the society constituted a serious barrier for the group.

Leader of the Guard and president of the Jobbik party, Vona Gabor talked about the creation of a popular university where the real history of Hungary will be taught. One of the main tasks of the Guard is to change the current political regime and to save Hungary.

Even if at its creation, parties like FIDESZ were accused of connections with the paramilitary organization, the party’s leader, Viktor Orban was firm in his intent to prove the contrary.

Political analyst Tamas Gaspa Miklos declared that the organization is neo-fascist.

On Sunday, hundreds of people organized a counter manifestation against the paramilitary group.