The migration phenomenon brings potential clients not just on the Spanish real estate market but on the markets where their clients originate from, according to the Spanish daily El Mundo, quoted by Romanian monitoring agency Rador.

The internationalization of the sector, the necessary know-how and the constant search for opportunities push companies to invest in the real estate market of other countries. Such an example is Hercesa, a real estate company which has bought land in Romania and developed a sales network in Spain.

The projects are financially supported by the main banks and savings houses in Spain that consider it a great opportunity.

Immigrants originating from Eastern Europe count a lot on European funds or on their savings during their stay in Spain.

Hercesa entered the Romanian real estate market with the Vivenda Residencias project - building 1.400 houses in Bucharest.

Romanians residing in Spain can opt for a loan there in order to purchase a house in Romania through this project.