American R&B singer Beyonce will perform her first concert in Romania in the city of Cluj this week. Beyonce arrived in Bucharest on Sunday night and departed for the central north-western city of Cluj on Monday morning.

According to Realitatea TV, the whole team is transported to Cluj by three airplanes: one for the singer and crew; another for the equipments and another one for technicians.

Beyonce’s team totals just about 60 people - technicians, musicians, instrumentalists and dancers.

The artist will attend a press conference at 1 pm and the show is scheduled to begin at 8 pm.

The R&B star wants that both the furniture of the Hotel and that of the cabin at the concert to be white. Moreover, she requested white, fresh flowers everywhere.

Another request for the concert is the air temperature, which should be set at about 20 degrees Celsius.