Newspapers on Monday read that an all-out fight for an uninominal voting system enters its final phase today as a deadline set by the President for the Parliament to adopt the necessary legislation in this regard expires.

More on politics, Hungarian Democrats (UDMR) leaders assume radical tones in their European Parliamentary campaign.

At European level, Romania wholeheartedly accepts everything when representatives of other countries negotiate their position hard - as proven by the deal on a new European treaty in Lisbon last week.

Cotidianul reads on Monday about the Parliament’s failure to pass the uninominal voting within the deadline imposed by Romanian President, Traian Basescu.

The newspaper argues that the deadline was obviously unrealistic and even if the Parliament’s commissions managed to send the amended text back in the two Chambers, there is no way the draft could be approved today, as demanded by the President.

Therefore, President Basescu may fulfill his promis and request today a referendum on the issue, to be organized in the same time as the country's first European parliamentary elections, due on November 25.

Liberals already announced that the government was ready to assume responsibility for the law if all parties found a common voice. In this case, the law could be adopted by November 2.

Thus, party representatives in the Parliament do not agree with the President’s imposed referendum, as they argue that he plans to indirectly support his main political backer, the Democratic Party.

Elsewhere in the news today, Hungarian Democrats take a radical stand in defending the rights of ethnic Hungarians in Romania - the biggest ethnic minority in the country, Gandul informs.

Marko Bella, the party leader, announced that his community needed to impose itss rights loud and clear. Until now, Bella had a more nuanced tone on the issue, arguing for cultural or regional autonomy.

As he officially launched the campaign for the European Parliament, Bella said that he would fight for his community’s autonomy no matter how many years it will take.

Party representatives said that members will officially ask Brussels representatives to consider granting autonomy to their region.

More in the news, Romania Liberareads about Romanian representatives in Brussels who fail to organize themselves and defend the country’s interests.

The newspaper argues that, during the negotiations prior to the deal on a new European traty in Lisbon last week, all countries fought to gain some benefits while Romania accepted everything.

Romanian representatives said that they analyzed the proposals closely and that, as a medium sized country, Romania does not lose anything by accepting the Treaty as it is.

The Lisbon Treaty is the milder version of the European Constitution project. The Treaty presents a series of amendments to the previous existent Treaties.