Romania's Superior Council of Magistracy (CSM) has rejected a call to dismiss a key member of the country's National Anti-corruption Department (DNA), Doru Tulus, whose dismissal had been called by Justice minister Tudor Chiuariu in a major scandal that shook the Romanian judiciary this year.

The CSM decision not to dismiss Tulus failed to stop Chiuariu's push against the key anti-graft prosecutor, who's job includes inquiries against top officials suspected of corruption.

Chiuariu said he would call on President Traian Basescu to dismiss Tulus, which according to analysts would be most unlikely to happen.

The CSM has also nominated five judges for a special commission due to analyze calls for graft inquiries against top members of the government.

The naming of the judges is necessary to unlock a series of inquiries against ministers, which were frozen when the Government dismantled a presidential commission in charge with approving such investigations, passing the responsibility to a CSM-named body of judges.