The Electoral Code commission finished on Tuesday the report on the uninominal voting system draft law. The Commission rejected the amendments proposed by several parliamentarians and maintained the project proposed by non-governmental organization Pro Democratia.

The report was adopted with 9 votes for and 1 abstention from the Hungarian Democrat Marton Arpad who declared for that he cannot agree to a project that ignores his party's electoral delimitation.

The Commission’s president, Liberal Deputy Mihai Voicu said that the process of adopting the law will last at least a few weeks. He added that the five days deadline imposed by President Basescu has no grounds.

The president addressed a letter to the two House speakers, urging the Parliament to pass the law on the uninominal voting, otherwise he would call a referendum on the theme.

Senate representatives declared the tone of the letter is disturbing and that the draft is analyzed in the Parliament, not deadlocked, as the President underlined.