Romanian bishop Calinic Argatu of the Arges region has collaborated with the communist-era secret police, the main body studying the Romania's Securitate archives CNSAS decreed on Tuesday. The high profile Romanian Orthodox Church cleric is entitled to challenge the decision within 15 days.

Argatu, who according to CNSAS delivered informative notes to the political police of the Ceausescu regime before its fall in 1989, has been insisting he had not collaborated with the Securitate.

According to the CNSAS, he was known under the code-name of "Zamfir".

CNSAS also ruled today that current Romanian Patriarch IPS Daniel did not collaborate with the Communist secret police even if CNSAS member Mircea Dinescu said that his name appears in some 25 files destroyed on December 1989.

CNSAS has been delivering Securitate collaboration verdicts on many high-profile names of Romania's highly influential Orthodox Church for months.