Romanian President Traian Basescu has issued a letter for the Parliament warning it that unless he receives a draft law on the introduction of uninominal voting in Romania elections by October 22nd, he would call for a referendum on the issue.

Basescu says that the law is better to either pass in the Parliament or be assumed by the government. However, an emergency ordonance would not be satisfactory as the issue was very important and needed to be approved by all political parties, he said.

Basescu says that he would call for a referendum should the Parliament fail to pass the bill. Thus, the Parliament is left with less than a week to adopt the draft, currently deadlocked at the Electoral Code Commission.

After alll political parties reached an understanding regarding the uninominal voting system to be voted, the Social Democrats changed their mind while the Hungarian Democrats conditioned their vote, requesting a special electoral voting map.

At its turn, PM Tariceanu said that his government is ready to assume the law.