Romanian PM Calin Popescu Tariceanu reacted on Monday to a series of leaks last week that resulted in the media publishing alleged proof that a minister was involved in a corruption case, saying in an interview for RFI Romania that the corruption scandal involving former Agriculture minister Decebal Traian Remes should not lead to public debates on Remes's guilt.

Tariceanu said that he would not tolerate corruption but that he couldn't find Remes guilty since no judge ruled so.

Romanian PM explained that the reason for asking Remes to resign was that the scandal involving him came against his ministrial duties.

Tariceanu added that he thinks the Romanian public television was wrong in releasing the tapes portraying the former Agriculture minister allegedly accepting an envelope containing 15,000 euro.

He said that television channel's actions affected both Romania’s image and the Government’s credibility. Tariceanu also argued that justice should be ruled in courts and not on public television.

His intervention came as the Romanian public television TVR1 broadcast footage in prime time last Wednesday depicting Remes allegedly taking bribe. Remes resigned next morning. Other footage related to the case was put on the Internet shortly after that.