Romania’s population will drop dramatically by 2050, with almost 20%, informs the Population Statistics Office. The tendency is similar to most Eastern European states.

According to the data, Romania’s population will diminish from 21.6 million people to 17.1 million in 2050. The population in Eastern Europe is expected to fall from 295 million this year to 229 million by 2050.

Globally, the population will increase from 6.62 billion to 9.29 billion by 2050.

The study shows that the infant mortality rate in Romania is among the highest in Eastern Europe, with 14 deaths to 1000 births while the Czech Republic scores the lowest mortality rates.

Regarding life expectancy rates in Romania, the study shows that on average women live up to 75 years, while men up to 68 years.

According to the data, India will outnumber China, reaching to 1.47 billion people while China would have 1.43 billion people.