One of the few Italian politicians that understand the "Romanian phenomenon" in Italy is deputy Basilio Germana of the Forza Italia party. He visited Romania several times and he understands both the political and economic environment Romania faces.

The deputy says in an exclusive interview for that the issue of integration does not only refer to Romanians living and working in Italy but also to Italians in Romania.

Thus, he says that Italians hold more than 19,000 active Italian companies in Romania and the issue concerns all authorities involved.

He says confidently that the solution would be instating some clear rules, which both sides should respect since the issue involved thousands of people.

When asked about the recent scandals in the Italian press regarding ethnic Romanians living in Italy, who are often accused of leading the criminal life in the country, the deputy says that even the Italian press does not portray the positive integration aspects, as they focus solely on the negatives ones.

On the other side, Germana says that the Romanian press does not differ a lot from the Italian one either and that the best solution would be a moderate coverage of the community’s actions.