Romanian national football team won against all odds the game against Holland last night, thus becoming the leader of the G group. The Dutch have the second position, but lead Bulgaria (the third place) with only 2 points. However, Holland faces easy games from now on: Slovenia and Luxembourg at home, and Belarus away, while Belarus lost last night in front of the unchallenging Luxembourg.

Bulgaria, which practically lost all chances to qualify, will play against Albania (away), Romania and Slovenia (also away).

The Bulgarian media was quite upset last night, most comments being made on the way Romania won: "Goian scored Romania's goal from an off-side position", Bulgarian Focus Agency news release reads.

The first places in the group are:

1. Romania - 23 points (18-5)

2. Holland - 20 points (11-3)

3. Bulgaria - 18 points (14-6)

Still to play:

October 17:

Luxembourg - Romania

Holland - Slovenia

Albania - Bulgaria

November 17:

Bulgaria - Romania

Albania - Belarus

Holland - Luxembourg

November 21:

Belarus - Holland

Romania - Albania

Slovenia - Bulgaria