Two video recordings, adding to a total of 21 minutes, posted by, seem to be the full movie that caused one of the largest corruption scandal in Romania.

Besides the few minutes already broadcast by the public television (TVR), there are also recordings with sausages and palinka (traditional Romanian alcoholic beverage) being delivered at the Minister's home.

There are also some images of the former Agriculture minister, Ioan Avram Muresan, the man who acted as interim in the bribe transfer from businessman Gheorghe Ciorba to minister Decebal Traian Remes, preparing his speech and lines he now uses as defense.

The first recording

A story from my country

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In the first recording, businessman Gheorghe Ciorba explains to former Agriculture minister Ioan Muresan that "there is a 35 million job in Valcea" he wishes to bid for and win.

Muresan seems upset that the chief of operations in the county of Valcea didn't inform him yet. Then, Muresan makes the list of issues he has to discuss with Agriculture minister Decebal Traian Remes.

In a phone tap recording Ciorba settles the acquisition of a cow and a 60 kilograms pig, as present for Remes, on September 10. On the 11th, Ciorba explains by phone to an unknown man that the pig and the cow must be prepared.

On the 13th, Muresan calls Remes's wife to tell her that he has "something for the fridge" and arranges a visit to Remes' home.

In the video recording, Muresan carries the "things for the fridge" at Remes' villa.

On September 23, the already famous scene of the envelope takes place: after studying some papers, Muresan gives Remes what prosecutors believe is the 15,000 euros bribe.

The second recording

A story from my country (II)

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  • Still on September 23

    The second recording begins with Muresan returning to a terrace where Remes expects him, then continues with the discussion about money and the scene in which Muresan asks Remes to open his briefcase, a scene already broadcast by TVR.

    During the following days, phone taps reveal that Muresan discussed about the two bids (one for 80, the other for 100 million RON, being asked to make Remes involve in the affair.

    On October 5th, Muresan explains how he intends to defend himself in front of the prosecutors. Many of the lines filmed at the moment are currently used by Muresan in front of TV reporters.