French „La Tribune” published a detailed analysis showing that the French people should be grateful to immigrants for ensuring the economic growth of the country. Even more, journalists claim that limitations imposed for immigration may lead to a much more difficult sustainability of the economic growth.

The analysis refers to the economic contribution of legal immigrants, who pay taxes and duties.

The „La Tribune” journalists compared the data about immigrant workers in three states: France, Italy and Spain.

In France, the number of immigrants grew by 877,000 between 2001 and 2006, compared to 978,000 in Spain and 1,100,000 in Italy.

At the same time, France created only 600,000 new jobs, while Italy created 1,400,000 and Spain - 4,200,000

The economic growth of the three states is proportional with the figures above: 3.3% for Spain, 1.5% for France and 0.9% for Italy.

Journalists also claim that some 350,000 - 500,000 new jobs were not counted. Meanwhile, 40% of the French employers complained about not finding workers, compared to 33% in Spain and 23% in Italy.