The Romanian Ministry of Justice (MJ) filed a complaint with the Prosecutor’s Office against an auditing procedure undergone by the Freedom House (FH), accusing it of criminal actions, a MJ press release stated.

The legal procedure of offer’s request has been fully respected while the Justice Minister’s press release is just a lame and shy attempt to intimidate the civil society, a rep of the FH stated for The FH rep also accused the Justice Minister Tudor Chiuariu of being likely to trigger the safeguarding clause in the justice field.

The Control authority of the MJ has noticed a series of legal shortcomings in the procedure of purchasing audit services by the Freedom House, covered by document work in order to create an appearance of legality. The FH audit results represented the base for a Government Decision regarding the endorsement of the national strategy against corruption and the action plan for 2005-2007.

The FH rep explains the press that the necessary documents that infirm the minister ‘s accusations have been already made public two weeks ago, Freedom House Washington has won the Ministry of Justice’s tender regarding the auditing of the anti-corruption fight for the 2000-2004 period.