The Romanian National Authority for IT&C Regulation (ANRCTI) is to shift subordination from the Government to the Parliament, following the endorsement by the Lower Chamber of Deputies of a draft law that provisions the institution be coordinated by a Parliamentary seven member council. The law still needs to be endorsed by the state’s president before entering into force.

The move is the result of fulfilling the EU’s request to eliminate political subjectivism and keeping an independent status of the authority, in accordance with EC Directive 2002/21. The change of status does not entail any change in the Authoruty’s role.

According to the president of the ANRCTI, the measure was foreseen in the political programme of the Government for 2005-2008. The European Commission had requested the parliamentary control over the institution since the social democratic mandate (2001-2004), official sources stated for

The Authority controls the telecom market and its neutrality is mandatory for the balance of the field.