The Turkish intelligence services have warned authorities that the Kurdish movement PKK has been funding its terrorist activities through several associations in various European countries, including Romania.

According to the electronic edition of the Journal of Turkish Weekly, quoted by Romanian news agency Mediafax on its website, Turkish services warned in several reports presented to authorities that the PKK was getting money for its activities through associations based in Romania, Germany, Austria, Spain, Belgium, Greece, Finland, Denmark, Russia, Ireland, Sweden, Norway, Italy, UK and USA.

The associations assure PKK funds of over 300 million dollars, used by the terrorist organization to get weaponry, according to the sources.

The final report contains proof regarding PKK’s involvement in arms and drug smuggling, and urges authorities to launch a diplomatic and military campaign against the organization.

Apparently, all Embassies will be informed of the activities of PKK organizations and urged to take the necessary measures.

The Romanian Intelligence Service spokesperson, Marius Bercaru told Romanian news agency NewsIn on Tuesday that the financial activities of the Kurdish associations in Romania have been closely monitored over the past several years and their contributions to PKK dropped significantly in 2007.