Archbishop Pimen of Suceava and Bucovina, two regions in north-western Romania, was found to have collaborated with two structures of the Securitate - the communist-era secret police in Romania -, it was revealed on Tuesday.

The news, leaked by sources from the CNSAS, the main body studying the Securitate archives, quoted by Romanian news agency NewsIn, comes as a series of high-profile Orthodox Church officials return to the attention of the CNSAS.

The CNSAS is also about to issue a decision on Tuesday regarding several other priests, bishops and archbishops that collaborated with the Communist secret police, after the decision was postponed last week due to lack a quorum.

According to the sources, Archbishop Pimen was found to have collaborated with both the foreign and domestic intelligence services of the Securitate.

The CNSAS also rejected on Tuesday a challenge issued by Alba bishop Andrei Andreicut on a previous finding that he collaborated with the communist political police.

The Synod of the Romanian Orthodox Church (BOR), the majority church in the country, will debate the CNSAS findings today in two weeks time, a BOR spokesman has said.