Dan Muresan, the son of Romania's former Agriculture minister Ioan Muresan, told HotNews.ro on Monday that the evening before his father’s arrest he invited him to Baku to help him prepare a future political consultancy contact that he was working at, for the American company Marsh Copsey&Associates.

Muresan Jr. said he was already in Baku when his father was arrested last weekend.

According to available data, MCA consulted three US presidents (including Ronald Reagan), other American politicians or committees of the Republican Party.

Dan Muresan returned immediately to Romania after he found out his father was under investigation of the anti-graft prosecutors under charges of intermediating bribery between a Romanian businessman and the current Agriculture Minister, Decebal Traian Remes.

Dan Muresan says that his father did not know the allegations and he has been treated inhumanly during the 30 hours of questioning.