Newspapers on Tuesday read about the possibility of Romania holding local elections in the same time as parliamentary ones, as PM Tariceanu declared on Monday.

One newspaper reports that Dinu Patriciu, one of the richest businessmen in Romania sued the National Bank to recover the properties confiscated from his late grandfather 60 years ago.

More in the news, medicine students can opt to pay 20,000 euro for their studies unless they want to spend 14 years practicing in Romania.

Romanian PM Calin Popescu Tariceanu declared preliminary elections might be held at the same time with the parliamentary ones by mid-2008, Romania Libera reads.

The newspaper informs that even if Tariceanu has so far avoided talks about early elections, now he is the one urging for a sort of early elections - a poll to take place several months before schedule.

PM Tariceanu put forward the idea as he urged the Parliament to adopt the uninominal voting system by the next elections.

Moreover, he added that the government could take responsibility for a draft legislation in this regard but that he would rather see the law passing in Parliament, to have the acceptance of all political parties.

Tariceanu urged the Parliament to avoid any deadlocks on the draft law regarding uninominal voting and pass it as soon as possible.

The reaction of other party leaders was not long waited. Democrat leader, Emil Boc said he did not trust Tariceanu’s statement.

In the same vein, Liberal Democrats argue that Tariceanu is just trying to save some time, to attract Social Democrats into supporting a minority party in the Parliament.

The paper argues that PM Tariceanu’s declarations were tacitly approved only by Hungarian Democrats, part of the Liberal government, and the Conservatives.

Elsewhere in the newspapers today, Gandul reads about Dinu Patriciu, a well off Romanian business man, who is suing the National Romanian Bank to recover the wealth of his grandfather which was confiscated in 1946-1947, namely 32 kg of pure gold.

Bucharest magistrates, however, rejected his claim because Patriciu’s lawyers did not manage to prove that the gold was confiscated in the first place.

Even so, Patriciu submitted an appeal to challenge the magistrates' decision and hope for a better ruling at a higher court.

Also in the news today, Evenimentul Zilei reads that Health minister Nicolaescu proposes a solution to keep the young medicine graduates in Romania.

He thus proposes that, in case they want to profess abroad, they have to pay 20,000 euro for their studies.

Health Minister Nicolaescu’s option includes a 14 years obligation for young doctors to work in the system unless they want to pay for their studies.

So far, experts argue that Nicolaescu’s policy should consider the option of introducing a private financing contract for those wishing to profess in Romania. Without this study contact, the policy does not make too much sense.

Nicolaescu added that the health system lacked good workers in some areas of expertise and that the Ministry would supplement the available posts.