Representatives of Romania’s Supreme Council of Magistracy (CSM) restarted on Monday the debates on a report describing the activity of anti-graft prosecutors over the past two years. The talks are attended by Justice minister Tudor Chiuariu, Prosecutor General Laura Codruta Kovesi and the head of the National Anti-corruption Department (DNA), Daniel Morar.

Morar criticised the CSM report harshly on Monday claiming that the data included in it were not accurate. He said it was normal that the report, based on checks at the DNA over the past several months, included some defficiencies, but said that insignificant irregularities were abusively augmented.

He also criticized the way checks were made at the DNA and said inspectors ignored cases solved by certain DNA prosecutors. Her also said that they failed to include in the report the positive evaluations made by the European Commission over the past several years.

A report on the activity of the DNA was pressed for by Justice minister Tudor Chiuariu shortly after he was named in office in spring this year. Chiuariu himself is facing a DNA inquiry over allegations of abuse in office.