Romanian conjoined siamese sisters Dogaru could be operated again by American expert surgeons, on of the doctors has told Associated Press. Director and founder of World Craniofacial Foundation Kenneth Sayler said there were hopes of separating the two little sisters.

Sayler, quoted by International Herald Tribune, said that he had an emotional talk with the sister’s mother, Claudia Dogaru and that they came to the conclusion that there were several options. The parents agreed to consult Dr John Persing from Yale University on the two sisters' case.

The twins, aged three, were born with their head united in an angle of almost 90 degrees. They have separate brains even though the cranium and the majority of the blood vessels are common. Moreover, one of the girls lack the renal function and it depends on the other sister’s kidneys.

International Herald Tribune reads that the birth of a siamese twin couple happens once every 2,5 million births.

The Dogaru sisters with their mother took part at a fund raising event in Dallas last week, organized to help them get enough funds to assure the needed medical assistance.