The Government issued a new emergency ordinance on Friday, having the nomination for the National Magistrature Institute (INM) president made from now on by the judges in the Supreme Magistrature Council (CSM) instead of the INM Scientific Council. It is the second ordinance in two days that brings major modifications to the Justice system.

The measure, reports, aims at the INM head, Mihai Selegean, who forbid Justice Minister Chiuariu to enter his institution five months ago. The ban remains in force until Chiuariu explains why he attempted to sack Doru Tulus, one of the main chiefs in the Anti-Graft Prosecution Office (DNA).

The Selegean case was already discussed. The Romanian Judges’ Association demanded his expelling and the transfer of the INM head nomination responsibility to CSM. The demand was rejected by the CSM itself, given that the law allows only the Scientific Council to make such nominations.

O its turn, the Scientific Council agreed that Mihai Selegean didn’t cross his attributions when he didn’t allow the Justice Minister to participate in the session gathering judges and Justice audit reporters.

Accused of making a political decision, Selegean argued that the decision of the Justice Minister to suspend Doru Tulus is “arbitrary and lack any reason” and maintained his position: Tudor Chiuariu will not be invited to the meeting.