The ordinance rendering impotent the presidential commission in charge with approving criminal pursuits against ministers is seen as a step back in Romania’s anti-graft war, a step that proves that the corruption network has yet to be eradicated, said the European Parliament deputy Markus Ferber, one of the leaders of the German delegation in the EP.

“I will ask commissioner Frattini to recommend the activation of the safeguarding clauses on Justice. It is unacceptable to have the public money spent for a country where it is obvious that anti-graft action promises are far from being respected”, said Ferber.

“The ordinance voted for on Thursday is a clear step back made by the Romanian government in its battle against high-level corruption”, Ferber added.

Markus Ferber, a “connoisseur” of Romanian politics, believes that Romania hasn’t developed yet a transparent society, in which corruption would be forbidden.

“When the Justice minister himself suggests such an ordinance - which is unacceptable - it is a prove that the entire high-level corruption network is still alive”, Farber explains, mentioning that Traian Basescu and Monica Macovei did everything they could to destroy this network.

“It’s not fair to have the European Union demanding huge sums for Romania’s development, while Romania is incapable to eradicate corruption”, Farber said on Friday.