Romanian Ionela Iulia Pantelimon is in a deep coma at the Intensive Therapy department of the San Giovanni hospital in Rome. On September 10, she was pushed under a train arriving in the Anagnina station. A few days ago, the author, Miriam Garbini, confessed everything. Miriam is an ordinary woman, from an ordinary Italian family, who didn't even know the victim.

Ionela worked as a nurse in Rome. After the criminal act, fireman worked for two hours in order to extract her from under the train. Ever since, her husband, working in the construction business, watches her struggling against death.

Police pursued at first Ionela's very family, assuming it was "a crime among Romanians".

"I heard hostile voices", said the Italian peasant at the Tor Bella Monaca police station. "Hostile voices against the Romanian community, found everywhere in the media", adds journalist Sergio Bagnoli for Centomovimenti online, a publication that points at mayor Veltroni as moral responsible for the collective hysteria.