Romanians working in Italy organize on Wednesday, October 4, at 18:00h (Romania time), a general meeting in Rome's central San Marco Plaza, in order to express their indignation at the Italian media denigration campaign against the Romanian community.

The meeting comes in times when more and more Italian politicians approach issues related to immigration and make defamatory statements about Romanian immigrants in Italy.

The negative comments against Romanians became more and more often, mainly after the incident last week, when three Romanians were shot near the Africa district in Rome.

"The Romanian community will march to defend their co-nationals who work in Italy and are unfairly labeled as criminals", organizers say.

After the meeting, the participants will issue an open letter, addressed to mayor Walter Veltroni. The letter will be handed through the president of the Rome's City Hall Commission for Foreign Communities, Chinese citizen Pan Yong Chang.

Mayor Walter Veltroni officially stated, without verifying the data, that "75% of all people arrested during the past 8 months are Romanians" and accused authorities in Bucharest for not assuming the responsibility for the immigrants' wave.